Bathurst 12 hour hints

One of the great things about this race is the access to just about everywhere on the circuit that matters. There is pedestrian access down at the bottom of the circuit from the chase, round to turn one, on both sides of the track. There is access in the paddock, up behind all the pit garages, and on top of the pit area along the front straight. Up at the top of the mountain, you can get down to just above the cutting (T4) and from there, back up across the top, all the way down to Forrest Elbow (T18). I’m guessing that if you were to walk non-stop from the cutting all the way around the top and down to T18 it would be approx 45 minutes at a brisk pace, taking into account the climb back up from T5 and the climb down to T18. There’s a roadway down to to T18, but the preferred trek down is via the track adjacent to the fence line, which offers some truly brilliant photo ops. It’s mountain goat country on some parts of the walking track, but well worth it. Over the last few years the powers that be, have installed the dreaded catch fencing along a lot of the parts of the circuit across the top, but that doesn’t necessarily stop the more inventive types among us, in relation to picture taking. I’ve said it before, but I don’t think it is possible to take a bad photo at this place. You can’t get access to the inside of the track across the top of the mountain, but when you get there you’ll see why, and I don’t think there would be any great benefit in getting there anyway IMO.
The only no go areas for the great unwashed are Conrod straight from T18 down to the chase, and mountain straight up to the cutting.
We tend to move about during the race, so having your own car (I assume you’ll be having a rental) is pretty important. There is a bus going up and down all day, I’ve never used it so I can’t comment. Some stay in one spot for the whole day. I’ve never seen the point in that, but even with the increasing crowd size over the last few years, there’s still great accessibility to just about anywhere.
You won’t be walking up from the bottom. You actually have to leave the circuit and drive up to the top, but it’s no big deal, and is only a few minutes drive to get up there. They’ve started charging a one off access fee of about $5.00 (from memory) per car, which upset a few people, but again, it’s no big deal. It gets fairly warm in February in Australia, bring plenty of water, and a stash of food. The food they are selling all over the circuit is rubbish. The Bathurst CBD is about 5 minutes from the circuit, so food and drink is easily available.
Dud photo spots– None.
Best photo locations- Just about anywhere on the track, although my favorites are, just around the exit of turn 1, all the spots coming down the hill and Forrest Elbow.
Sorry for being a bit long winded, hope this helps.

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WhyTF would anyone bother following Supercars ATM

1920Without wanting to sound like a broken record, it makes no sense to me why anyone would waste their time attempting to follow the Virgin Australia Supercars series at present. Seriously….. I’ve tried, but it just ain’t happening.

Normally, with any sporting code, there is an attempt to keep the existing fanbase happy and to develop and win over new fans to increase the popularity of the series to stave off competitors. Not with this mob!

IGTC-2018-Suzuka-07_Fri_Group_Photo-1016-DSCF5410Take this current weekend. I’m watching the Suzuka 12Hr race live at the moment, on a free YouTube stream from the SRO, GTWorld platform. The top 13 or so cars are on the same lap, after nearly seven hours of ridiculously competitive, close racing, and with another five hours to go, it’s looks like another nail biting classic GT3 enduro is unfolding towards an exciting completion.

d783ce71461a585835686447deb87d32c7e64983Earlier today, I watched the riveting Grand Final game of the Suncorp Super Netball season via the free to air telecast on Channel Nine, here in Australia, with our local North Coast team, the Sunshine Coast Lightning taking out an exciting three point victory (62-59), with a scoreline that see-sawed throughout the entire game, that gave to them back to back premiership wins. This is the highest quality netball competition in the world, with athletes competing from all the top netball playing countries on the planet.

r0_0_1024_683_w1200_h678_fmaxOn top of that, the National Rugby League season is drawing to a close, with one more round of games to be played next weekend. This weekends penultimate round had a game on each night (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and today’s blockbuster, this afternoon, between the St George Dragons and the Canterbury Bulldogs.

695600_640x360_large_20180826081354Apparently, there was a round of the Virgin Australia Supercars championship, at the new Tailem Bend circuit in South Australia. One of the commentator journalists covering the event was crowing on his Twitter account of a 41000 crowd attendance, over the 3 days of the event. Now… it surely must be stated that, of those 41000 people, most of them would have been there for the majority of the 3 days. With this mob, it is apparently OK to count everyone on multiple occasions. He did however, go on to clarify a crowd of 16000 for Saturday and 17000 for Sunday. To quote him and his highly dodgy figures-“Righto then”.

Would I have watched this event if given the opportunity? Maybe! Maybe not! There was too much quality sport on this weekend to have probably watched it anyway. However, I would have liked to have had the option. As I have said on numerous occasions, this crowd who are in charge, are hellbent on taking Australian motorsport away from their once healthy fanbase. For me, it’s already to late, I can’t be bothered. I do however, feel sorry for the once, quite considerable, quantity of motor-racing fans who passionately followed the sport, here in Australia. As I have stated on many occasions, their fans have moved on. Perhaps….to a certain degree, some may tune in, later on in the year, to attempt to pick up where the series is and perhaps watch some of the endurance races when they re-surface on free to air TV.

This same aforementioned commentator was trying to tell me that the NRL would be probably heading down the same pathway that Supercars have gone, and going with an all payTV telecast platform for their games. Fair dinkum, these clowns are in a state of denial. I suppose, to be fair, they are only pushing the barrow for the organisation that pays their wages. But really guys…..At least try and make your bullshit stories, somewhat believable? I wrote a piece a few weeks ago, about their fairy tale attendance numbers at their previous race at Sydney’s Eastern Creek raceway. It appears they are still trying to pull the wool over their fans eyes. It ain’t working fella’s! If and when this weekends racing does appear at a later date where it can be watched, I can just about guarantee that you could pretty much count the fans who turned up.



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What to do with our serious crime problem???

We had an outcome in Brisbane yesterday for a horrific crime that took place in October 2016.


“Manmeet Alisher always smiled. Everyone who walked on to his bus said so. He smiled at Anthony O’Donohue, who hesitated for a moment, then stepped on board with a homemade petrol bomb in his backpack. On Friday O’Donohue, a 50-year-old paranoid schizophrenic, was declared unfit to stand trial for Alisher’s murder by the Queensland mental health court.

Justice Jean Dalton found he was of unsound mind when he boarded the bus at Moorooka in Brisbane’s south in October 2016 and lit a fuse on a bottle filled with petrol and diesel.

In the aftermath, debate in India and Australia centred on whether O’Donohue’s act was a hate crime, whether Alisher had been targeted because he was Indian. The Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, phoned his Australian counterpart, Malcolm Turnbull, to express concern. Family members feared the worst.”

It has opened up an argument again that keeps on recurring whenever a crime takes place that tears a communities heart apart by its vicious brutality.

What do we do with criminals who commit these terrible crimes?

The bloke who committed this crime was deemed to be insane, so he is going to be locked up in a mental health facility for 10 years , when they will re-evaluate his mental health condition and decide what will happen then. More than likely, he will be there for the rest of his life.

The legal fraternity tend to adopt the policy of being against capital punishment and there seems to be a feeling around the civilised world that capital punishment should be totally eradicated. That’s fine, but who is paying the bills to keep these animals locked up forever, or until they get released back into the community? We, the taxpayers are!

Now…..I also have a fundamental dislike for execution of serious offenders, no matter how bad their misdemeanors were. There is something morally wrong and concerning about taking another human beings life away from them even when they have committed something terrible. I certainly couldn’t push the button that starts the execution of of a persons life, although in some cases, I could easily feel OK with the idea that somebody else could do the job.

The people who oppose capital punishment fight tooth and nail to keep these perpetrators alive but seem to walk away and conveniently forget about them once a stay of execution has been effected. These offenders then go back into the normal jail population where they are forgotten about, to rot in jail for the rest of their lives. I doubt anyone has any sympathy for them, however with our jails overflowing, who pays for this. Are these do-gooders willing to foot the bill for these “worst of the worse” crims to spend the rest of their lives in prison?

No….the answer is……..  Again….The taxpayer picks up the tab.

It’s not only a problem, here in Queensland. It’s a problem that the rest of the civilised world is having to contend with.

Now, I’m not sitting here behind my keyboard, and professing to know the answer. But with the cost of keeping prisoners in jail at around $100,000 per year each, this is starting to become…..No….it has become a serious draw on public funds that could be spent on more worthwhile areas. Perhaps on education that could keep these people out of the criminal justice system. Perhaps on compensation for the damage that these animals have inflicted on their unfortunate victims. There doesn’t appear to be anything in place to alleviate the problems and pain that victims suffer after one of these arseholes commits a serious crime against an innocent person/s. All too often, the victims and their families are left on their own to pick up the fractured pieces of their lives. The perpetrators families also have to contend with the chaos that they have been left with as well.

The bloke who committed this crime had severe mental health problems but was out in the community. He was a waiting time bomb. There are lots of people with similar issues dumped back out to fend for themselves, until they lose it completely and this type of result eventuates. He was fifty years old, so reading between the lines I’m guessing that his family could no longer take care of him and he was on his own. I feel sorry for the police, who all too often have to deal with this issue.

Now, I realise that ridding the community of the worst of the crims isn’t going to drastically lower the jail population. It would hardly scratch the surface. So what do we do? It’s a discussion that must take place. Sitting around watching the problem snowball, with the present remedy being to increase the capacity of our prisons certainly isn’t the answer.

Victims must have a voice, the police and a legal person must be there, a person involved in the prison system must be there, the general public should have a say, and perhaps, dare I say it …. a politician. But, I think that it is important that whoever sits on this committee must have an equal vote on the outcome, as the others.


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Why Supercars needs to go back to Free to air TV NOW

V8Supercars-1260x840Although the topic is definitely nothing new, I think it needs revisiting. VASC’s have been on the payTV platform for a few years now, which has meant that the grassroots & vast majority of their fan base, has been unable to view their favorite homegrown motorsport series. Mostly nothing has changed in their day to day running of the series. The season has started off with the Adelaide street circuit race weekend which has always garnered a lot of local support, with big crowds turning up and OK free to air TV ratings. Other than the Australian F1 GP, which follows shortly after Adelaide, the series then goes into hibernation, as far as anyone without payTV subscription is concerned, when the live ftaTV coverage disappears, and the only way to see the live racing is to obtain a payTV subscription. They dangle the odd carrot to the fans with a couple of free to air races leading up to their endurance racing season. Being up against both the AFL and NRL footy seasons from March onwards, that attract massive ftaTV ratings, I don’t know whether VASC’s have put up the white flag or not. However they elected to take the much larger payTV cheque, and forgo the possible loss of their fanbase, when going over to the payTV network. From my perspective, as a motorsport fan, I am not prepared to pay to watch it, as I don’t consider it all that worthwhile. I’d certainly follow the sport, as I did in years gone by, if it was on free to air TV. My argument all along, has been the crazy notion by the payTV provider, that I am expected to pay to watch something at an extortionate price, when I have no interest whatsoever, in any other of the rubbish TV that I get in their package. If the offer was there to cherry pick what you wanted, without all the extra unwanted garbage they force you to take, it may be worth looking at, depending on the price tag.

Why is this topic worth revisiting? Today, has seen the news that Craig Lowndes, who is Virgin Australia Supercars, most marketable personality, is retiring from full-time driving at the end of the current season. Now……why is this liable to have such a great effect on the sport? In my opinion, he is by far, their best asset. He is not their only asset, but is far and away their greatest one. I would defy anyone out in the general populous to name a handful of drivers currently racing in the series. I would defy most people out there in the general populous to name the current VASC’s champion. I would defy most to name their winning-est driver ever. Look…if you hung in there long enough, you would find someone who could possibly get some of those answers correct, however, my point here, is that the series must get itself back onto free to air TV, or lose whatever relevancy they have left, on the Australian sporting landscape.

As a motorsport fan, I have just about given up on Australian motorsport altogether. It has become too hard to follow the local categories. Whenever I have brought it up with any local motorsports people, I get the standard replies, of subscribing to Fox, or I mustn’t be as dedicated as I make myself out to be.

Well, people…… I love my motorsport! I have done so, for the vast majority of my life! But, when other categories overseas, not only actively pursue fans, but go a long way to promote and keep their fan-base with brilliant coverage via live streaming, with fantastic live timing, and repeat races up and available immediately, it makes it a no-brainer to try (mostly unsuccessfully) to keep up live, with what’s happening on the local motorsport front.


With my love of sports car racing, I am certainly not getting too carried away at the thought of missing out on the local, sub standard AustralianGT amateur hour race series. Apparently, AusGT has now seen the light, and has gone back to a free live streaming service to show their racing in Australia. Sorry….Too little, too late for me!


I have become used to getting a premium product, LIVE & FREE from overseas, from the absolutely brilliant  Blancpain, ADAC GT Masters and VLN race series. I pay a modest fee to get the World Endurance super season LIVE AND COMMERCIAL FREE. I can watch the Japanese SuperGT racing LIVE & FREE. I follow the American IMSA racing LIVE & FREE streaming service, with the FREE Radio Le Mans audio coverage. I can follow both the Nurburgring 24H and Spa 24H LIVE AND FREE. The annual Bathurst 12 Hour race at the iconic Mt Panorama circuit, is shown LIVE AND FREE on the Seven network. The Bathurst 1000 is shown LIVE on FREE TO AIR TV. Together with the aforementioned motorsport series, I follow NRL and Cricket in their respective seasons, LIVE AND FREE. Speaking of which, Cricket Australia have signed up with the Seven network to a new exciting FREE TO AIR TV coverage from next summer.

So, unfortunately………………… Virgin Australia Supercars and Australian motorsport…….Sorry, you’ve lost me. My motorsport event diary is full. Call me, when you’ve had a change of heart.  I’ll see if I can fit you in. However, I won’t be holding my breath waiting. Sadly, for the future of the sport in Australia, a lot of other people have made the same decision.


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Angry people

o581rSince the day we were put on this planet, we have had to deal with our fellow human beings. As an infant, our parents and siblings teach us how to interact with each other. As we get older, we learn how to interact with other people. As we enter our teenage years, we learn that we don’t always have the same opinions on many subjects and tend to rebel against various social and political groups in our world. I think all teenagers look to the world as a place that needs change.

On the world stage, unfortunately, there has always been hostilities and conflict, where disagreements over religious issues and politics etc have caused people to take sides and be aggressive towards each other. However, in this instance, let’s just keep this to our own backyard in dealing with conflict with our fellow community members.

We study, we work, we play sport, and we see people in charge who govern everything we do, in every facet of our day to day world. If we didn’t have a set of rules, everything we do, would turn into rebellious anarchy. We have to have leaders. We don’t always agree with the rules that they make, be it in the workplace, the government, the sporting field or wherever. That’s the way we roll! If you don’t like it, become a leader! Make the changes. That’s how democracy works.

Now……some people cannot, and will not live in this democracy, of living in our world of rules and laws. We seem to be encountering more cases of rage out there these days. In the workplace, in the schoolyard and in particular, on our roads. There’s always been angry people with short fuses, but more recently there appears to be an added, extra dimension. There’s no doubt that drugs and alcohol play a part, with the already short fuses, now being even shorter. There are some dimwit drivers out there too, who probably shouldn’t be on our roads, but two wrongs do not make a right!


Sport has always taught us, from an early age, in how to deal with rules. If you play a game, kick or hit a ball, race against each other, or compete in any form of sport, there has to be a set of parameters to govern the competition. Break the rules and you get penalized!

Life is the same. Play by the rules, live by the rules!

However, as I have gotten older, I now see myself being less able to cater for the needs of these recalcitrants. I really don’t have the patience to care any more, for these pains in the arse, who want the rest of us to live by their rules instead of them being able to fit it with societies rules. I’m not an outraged caller to talkback radio, or feel the need to vent on social media, so my rule of thumb these days is to switch off from it all. Simply let the authorities work it out. That’s why we pay them the big bucks.  I just couldn’t be bothered stressing out or losing sleep over the problems of the world. Life is too short for that shit!

What happens when we encounter angry arseholes, road ragers, workplace bullies etc? Walk away or if it’s serious enough, call the cops. End of story!  If these peanuts feel in their feeble, little, undersized brains, as though they have had some sort of minor victory, let them have their moment of glory.  They will probably die young, or maybe even cop a dose of their own justice from another fellow mentally challenged person.

Luckily, most of the real humans care for each other. Unfortunately, there is a small group of neanderthals still living among us with anger management issues.

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The role of the media

Hello-is-this-the-media-I-have-a-story-for-you...Interesting times are upon us. Wars are raging in different hotspots around the world, Displaced refugees are trying to find a peaceful place to live, go about their lives, put a roof over their heads and raise their families, after the disintegration of their home countries. Governments and politicians around the world are still corruptly running their countries in self interest, instead of in the interests of the people.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the role that the media plays in reporting world and local events seems to have changed.

The mainstream media has always taken a news reporting role, with an opinion to go with it, but in recent times, it appears that the opinion has overtaken the actual news, as the main topic in news articles. The opinion seems to be the more important topic than the news itself. By the simple nature of what they do, the media has quite a large soapbox to extol their views on any given topic. More often than not, the original news topic seems to be buried in their own victim mentality, and their theory that they are the news, not the unfolding disaster, war, refugee crisis, plane crash or whatever. It is interesting to see their responses when these criticism’s are directed towards them. The resulting flock of swarming vultures go for the jugular to tear down any criticism, rather than simply reporting and dissecting the news item itself. If you want to publish items like the tacky women’s magazines, go ahead, but don’t claim that you are a legitimate news outlet. I will hastily add here, that there are some great news media outlets out there, but they are getting to be few and far between.

You know guys… can admit you are wrong sometimes….it might gain you some respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T……you know….. that term you tend to use, when you demand people listen to your views.

The punters all have a voice now, via social media. How about you just REPORT THE NEWS FACTUALLY and keep your opinions to yourself.

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The joys of the consumer


I find it intriguing that I’ve become such a valued person to business’s, retailers etc  out there in the world of sales and marketing, all vying to have me spend my hard earned dollars with them. They spend enough money to run a country, in advertising and promotion, and on attracting me to make a purchase, buy a plan, bank with them etc and then……….. promptly treat me like shit when I have an issue over the service they have rendered.

But I, and many others have finally woken up and decided to take action. Or maybe that is the wrong way to describe it.

The old method of attempting to correct a bad transaction was to call or visit the organisation and try and sort out the issue. They often didn’t want to know you, or would throw the shutters down and totally ignore you, taking the perspective that they had your money, and pretty much couldn’t care less about your repeat business, and were prepared to move on to the next sucker, unfortunate enough to deal with them. Promises of good service and product guarantees were  totally hollow. And then to rub salt into the wound, you’d never stop hearing from them via spam emails, Facebook ads etc, telling you all about their latest deals and services, plus they’d want you to “help” them improve their service by getting you to respond to on line questionnaires.

I think at some stage, we’ve all thought that there was some guy deep inside the head offices of these places taking a genuine interest in our comments and reporting back to the PR and marketing people about how to make our shopping experience more wonderful and trouble free. These days, it’s a bit more technical. The complaints department no longer exists, and probably hasn’t done so, for some time. Thanks to Facebook and other forms of social media, retailers and marketers know more about our political leanings, our buying habits and attitudes, our education levels, our religious beliefs (if any) and our likes and dislikes on any topic you can think of.

Well, it’s time to fight back…. I’ve had enough. For some time now, I have taken back my consumer value, by telling them nothing. Yes….absolutely nothing. A considerable part of the problem falls at the feet of social media. Social media, in all its forms, started out as it’s name suggests. If you can believe what Mark Zuckerberg has been telling us, he never intended Facebook to be out of control as it has become, in recent times. I wonder if he could turn back time, he would change the pathway that Facebook had taken in its sellout of its initial core value of being a social platform for friends, instead of the avalanching, monolithic disaster, that it is today. However, I digress.

I have my own shit list of recalcitrant companies, products and individuals that I have dealt with for goods and services. But!!!! Don’t tell them they are on it, especially on any social media platform. Pass on your poor service experiences to friends, family and acquaintances verbally. I think that the advertising industry has either ignored this method or they are in a total state of denial. Probably the latter as it conflicts with any form of promotion that they peddle towards us. I have learned that “word of mouth” is a far, far better recommendation than any other form of good or bad promotion.

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